TimberHP Wood Fiber Insulation


TimberHP wood fiber insulation puts affordable, sustainable building materials within reach. Made from abundant, renewable Maine wood. Proven performance in the toughest conditions.


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Sustainable, Sound-Dampening Batt Insulation. TimberBatt thermal and acoustical batt insulation creates calm, climate-controlled spaces using the natural sound-absorbing properties of wood. Wood insulation batts have been trusted in Europe for over 20 years. TimberHP uses pure softwood chips leftover from sustainably harvested, FSC-certified Maine forests mixed with borate to give additional protection against fire, mold, and insects. The result? Renewable, carbon storing, interior wall insulation with best-in-class sound dampening and a proven batt insulation R-value of 4 per inch—interior insulation strong enough to stand up to hot summers and cold winters. Safe for installers and homeowners to handle and install, TimberBatt flexible, semi-rigid, high density cavity insulation creates wind-tight performance in wood-frame assemblies that can almost eliminate cavity airflow. TimberBatt’s vapor open technology also manages indoor humiditiy, preventing trapped moisture that can cause mold or rot. TimberBatt quiet batt insulation outperforms other acoustic batt insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings, particularly when combined with TimberBoard. Completely renewable and non-toxic, it arrives at the jobsite carbon negative. Whether you need batt insulation to improve climate control and sound performance in an existing home or want to ensure the serenity and sustainability of new construction, choose TimberBatt insulation.

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  • Product Code: THP51223R22
  • Manufacturer Code: TB51223W
  • Weight: 1

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